Conference and Functiond Centre

The Parish Pastoral Council is the primary decision making body in the Parish structure, but its  major focus in pastoral. 

It is     

1)  A think tank that seeks ways of enhancing the life and spirit of the  Parish.

2)  Seeks to listen to and reflect the thoughts and feelings of the whole parish community.

3)  Deals with requests and complaints from the parish community.

4)  Supports and advises the Parish Priest.

The Parish Pastoral Council is
Fr. John Curtis CP PP
Fr. Fr Jacob CP
Sr. Joan Mary Topor CP, Pauline Crocker
Baruch Netto, Neena Kattikat, Richard Lee, Chris Griffin
Geoff Sykes, Peter Herriman, Rhonda Abadia
Carmel Goricki (Secretary)
Sue Coghlan, Liliana Bejnarowicz