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The first three Passionists to minister in Adelaide were Frs. Maurice Lencioni, Joseph Snell and Luigi Pesciatoli. They had been the first missionaries to the Indigenous people on Stradbroke Island, a mission that failed due to a lack of support from the wider Church community. En route to their new placement in West Australia, they found themselves in Adelaide, without a home, without money, and without a ministry. Eventually, although the site is not known , the Passionists were to procure for rent a small cottage in Grote Street within walking distance of St Patrick's Church-school.

Fr. Luigi became the cook, a field that he was good at, for Luigi had great difficulty with English .

Fr. Lencioni taught music and singing, and it is recorded that on August 8th, 1847 he conducted the choir at a Pontifical High Mass at St Patrick's.

Fr. Joseph Snell gave lessons in French and German, and of course,being well versed in English, taught and prepared people for the Sacraments.

And so it came to pass that the three Passionists offered their services to the Bishop to volunteer for work where ever it was Fr. Joseph Snell was sent to Morphett Vale as priest in charge, and the date of this was thought to be the 25th March 1848. Fr. Luigi Pesciaroli went to Mt. Barker as assistant to Fr. James Watkins. Not long afterwards, the people of Mt Barker paid his fare back to Italy! Fr. Maurice Lencioni was assigned to the Bishop's house on West Terrace.